Dirty Hands Jewelry represents a fascinating mix of South American and European styles. Each piece is an original creation by artist and designer Enrique Muthuan. Born and raised in Tucuman, Argentina and a lawyer by trade, he came to New York seeking diversity and the urge to explore his creative side. With a discovered talent and love for making handmade jewelry, Dirty Hands Jewelry was born.  
Now with over ten years of experience perfecting his craft, you can find that Enrique’s designs are not only unique and trendy but chic, sexy, wearable art.  Much of his inspiration comes from the 60’s, modernist and art deco eras resulting in fascinating jewelry that exemplifies sophistication and sensuality.

His designs are all one of a kind pieces made using semi-precious gemstones, mixed metals, leather and gold. Enrique, who embodies an eclectic style and urbane persona is known for his captivating pieces, which are created to accentuate the sensual side of those who wear his designs.